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$14 for an iPad Accessory Pack

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  • $14 for an iPad Accessory Pack
  • $14 for an iPad Accessory Pack
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  • Cure those hard-to-swallow limitations that make you sick of your iPad.
  • Grab the ultimate iPad Accessory Pack for just $14.
  • The pack features a 5-in-1 memory card reader, 2.7 metre charging cable and Swarovski Elements Crystal Stylus Pen.
  • No prescription needed. This deal will cure your iPad ailments.

The Deal

A tablet used to be just something you had to swallow when you were feeling sick. Then the iPad came along and changed the definition: But there might be things about owning one that you do find difficult to swallow. The fact that you can't view photos and files from your memory card . . . The stingily short charging cable that has you sitting right next to the plug . . .  And the difficulty of navigation using your fingers, especially on cold days . . .

Well here is just the cure to make you feel a whole lot better! Grab the ultimate iPad Accessory Pack for $14


  • 5-in-1 memory card reader: So you can access all your digital photos on your tablet.
  • 2.7 metre charging cable: Never be leashed to the power outlet again.
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Stylus Pen: To make your iPad navigation classier and easier than ever.

Get all three items delivered to your door. Just what the doctor ordered.

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