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$12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter

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  • $12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter
  • $12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter
  • $12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter
  • $12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter
  • $12 for an Easy Vegetable Shape Cutter
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  • Make veggie spirals with ease - the perfect addition to a salad or stirfry
  • Add beautiful garnishes to your meals to impress your family and guests!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fun and easy for kids to use - get them helping out at meal times too

The Deal

This fun little gadget is a great addition to your kitchen! Jazz up your meals with beautiful garnishes or create a delicious snack by baking or frying vegetable spirals. The Vegetable Shape Cutter is easy to use - simply chop your vegetable of choice to 6 cm long with a diameter of approximately 3 cm, pop it into the Vegetable Shape Cutter and twist away! Simple and safe for kids to use as well - the spirals are formed by the vegetable being forced through the blade as you twist.


  • Thick, green plastic body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 16 x 6cm
  • Includes: twister with two slicing attachments for two different effects (spaghetti and spiral)

How to Use:

Simply place your chopped vegetables with a minimum diameter of 3 cm and about 6 cm long into the bottom compartment (the dark green tube in image three). Then all you do is place the light green tube on top and twist. The twisting motion will force your vegetables through the blades and voila! You will have fun spirals and clever shapes!

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Limit: 5 for you and 5 gifts for others
Please supply address details when purchasing. $5 delivery per unit, maximum $10 delivery for up to 5 units of the same shape and style. No refunds, no cash back and no exchanges. Ensure vegetables are cut to size to ensure correct operation. Always supervise use by children.
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 15 days
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