Three-Pack of Smoothie Bombs - Six Flavours Available with Free Delivery


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Charlotte Goldsworthy commented 9 months ago. can I get three different flavours??? doesn't seem to be an option?
Tanya Taylor commented 9 months ago. Hi there! What are the expiry dates on these please? Thanks :)
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 9 months ago. Hey Charlotte; the three pack is three of the same option for this campaign :)

The Drinks Merchants Team will be online soon to provide these details for you Tanya :)
Tanya Taylor commented 9 months ago. Hi! I'm still waiting to find out what the expiry date is please??? I don't want the flavours I'm after to sell out while I wait. Thanks :)
Steve Wishnowsky from Drinks Merchants commented 9 months ago. Hey!

So sorry for the delay Tanya, the following flavours have short dates of the 12th of July.


All others have longer dates.

I hope this helps.


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