Aromatherapy Wrap Filled with Natural Herbs


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Rita Crighton commented 8 days ago. I'm very interested in purchasing one of these. In the description it says it is filled with natural herbs etc. how does is hold the heat or the cold. Are there also some sort of granules in there that can hold heat and cold ?
Kind regards Rita
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 8 days ago. Hey Rita; thanks for getting in touch.

The merchant will be online soon to provide some more details for you :)
Gabrielle Euteneuer commented 7 days ago. Yes, I would be interested, what kind of grains are in it, as well.
And what is the material of the wrap? Synthetic or cotton?
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 7 days ago. Good Morning Ladies; we're just following up on both these queries now for you :)