80% Blockout Thermal Curtains - Two Colours & Eight Sizes Available


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Johanna Perkins commented 5 months ago. Hi there,
I'm trying to work out which curtains to get and I'm not totally clear how the sizing works...
I need to get either the Super or Jumbo, as the drop needs to be 220cm.
But how do the width sizing's work?
I have two rails...one is approx 3.2m wide, and the other is 2m wide. Are the options in this deal suitable?
The Team from GrabOne Store commented 5 months ago. Hi Johanna, the measurements in the deal are for gathered curtains. The amount of gathering is indicated by the images.

Based on the drop required, the Super or Jumbo would be tall enough however it would be at your personal discretion as to the width as the gathered width of the Super is more than your smaller window. If you are happy with the curtains being gathered a lot then I imagine the Super will be fine for the smaller window. The Jumbo measurements appear suitable for your larger window.

Unfortunately, we cannot make that decision for you.

Size Super – $105
Width: 230 - 300cm (gathered)
Drop: 220cm
Designs: lined grey, lined blue

Size Jumbo – $149
Width: 330 - 480cm (gathered)
Drop: 220cm
Designs: lined grey, lined blue
Inky Hickey commented 5 months ago. Opps bought the wrong size can I change it ? just 5 mins ago!
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 5 months ago. Oh no! Our team have been in touch via email to help get this sorted for you :)

The discussion for this deal is closed. Please contact the helpdesk for any urgent enquiries.