KB Kombucha - Mixed Case of 12 Bottles - Two New Flavours Added


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Ivan Prince commented 29 days ago. The details about the Kombucha say it must be kept chilled due to the type of product that it is. How will this be delivered to my Auckland address from a Wellington supplier if that is the case as this would take at least a couple of days? Thanks.
Madeleine from GrabOne Store commented 28 days ago. Hi Ivan, the KB Kombucha team will be online soon to advise.
Robin - from KB Kombucha commented 28 days ago. Hi Ivan
A good question which is the reason we do not sell our product through supermarkets - as we lose control of it.
Product is chilled when sent and up to 4 days out of chiller is fine so long as it is chilled when received. After 4 days fermentation can kick in - it varies from bottle to bottle! I have had some left out for a month and still fine but we recommend a maximum of 4 days. Normally delivered in 2 days so no problem.

Hope this answers your question

Cheers Robin

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