Maisy Duvet Cover Set Range - Three Sizes Available & Options for Pillowcases & Cushion Covers


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Sharon Stockman commented about 1 month ago. Hi how do we choose what colour the standard pillowcase is that we get. The picture shows a burgundy one and a creamy one. Or are they coloured on one side and not the other. Thanks
Madeleine from GrabOne Store commented 29 days ago. Hi Sharon, Fabric Fantastic will be online shortly to answer your query :)
Robyn Caldwell commented 27 days ago. The photo shows a matching fitted bed sheet but there's no mention of that in the description - is one included, or if not, how can one be purchased and at what price please? Thank you.
Madeleine from GrabOne Store commented 25 days ago. Hi Robyn, I have contact the Fabric Fantastic team with your query and have requested they pop online to advise :)

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