Bestway Ibiza Air Jet Inflatable Spa


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Lacey Boyd commented 3 months ago. Hi can I please get the dimensions of the spa pump and location of it on the side of spa? I.e is it in the middle of the wall or to the left or right of side wall? and how high is it up of the ground too please
Thank you
Louise from GrabOne Store commented 3 months ago. Thanks for your post Lacey! The team from Zeaway will be online to advise. :)
Vian Wei from Zeaway commented 2 months ago. Hi Lacey,

Good day.

Sorry for our late reply, please note that the spa pump dimension is 40cm x 50cm x 60cm high, The product is a square shape and the pump is situated on one side of the spa in the middle, hope this helps. :)