Five-Pack of Christmas Themed Face Masks - Option for 10-Pack or 20-Pack


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Linda Aitchison commented 25 days ago. Hi there - is it possible to buy the 20 pack but have them all be red coloured ones?
Louise from GrabOne Store commented 25 days ago. Hi there Linda, thanks for your post! As per the deal page, these colours/patterns are sent at random - sorry! Thanks :)
Jo Knighton commented 24 days ago. Please advise how many layers these masks are comprised of, eg three. Thanks
Donya from GrabOne Store commented 23 days ago. Hi there, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at Fantasy Supply will be online shortly to assist. Thanks!
Still Zhu from Fantasy Supply commented 23 days ago. Dear Linda Aitchison

These masks are fixed, so cannot be replaced any colors.
Gail Begley commented 20 days ago. Do these have 3 layers as that is what is recommended?
Holly from GrabOne Store commented 20 days ago. Hi Gail, thanks for your post. If you are referring to PPE protection please refer to the deal description: "This product is not a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE)."
Gail Begley commented 19 days ago. No that is not what I mean. Iā€™m wanting to know if they have 3 layers of fabric (3 ply). They need that otherwise they are not much use.
Louise from GrabOne Store commented 18 days ago. Hi Gail, thanks for your response, these do not have 3 layers of fabric. Thanks!

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