Four Aves Roasted Coffee 5 x 200g Bags - Five Flavours Available & Option for Beans, Espresso or Plunger


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Tamara Stuart commented 3 months ago. hello - are you able to get different flavours in the 5 you choose or only all the same?
Madeleine from GrabOne Store commented 3 months ago. Hi Tamara - in this case you receive 5 x the type that is purchased :)
[email protected] commented about 1 month ago. Why are these 200g beans only available as one flavour per order?
Surely, if we are able to sample all in one order for $30 We can decide our favourite. Rather than try one that we don't enjoy and don't bother with the rest.
Explain the company's logic, please?
Holly from GrabOne Store commented about 1 month ago. Hi there, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at The Coffee Workshop will be online shortly to assist. Thanks!
Dayk Richards from The Coffee Workshop commented about 1 month ago. Hi [email protected],
Dayle here from Four Aves coffee. We thought we had set it up so you could "mix and match", thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will get in touch with Grabone and try to sort it.

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