Remote Control Climbing Rally Car - Two Colours Available


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kelvin O'Hara commented 4 months ago. Can several of these be run/raced in conjunction,from the same location i.e. different frequencies?
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 4 months ago. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Kelvin!

The GMART Team will be online soon to provide some more details for you :)
pato congero commented 4 months ago. Bought 2 and they respond to the same command channel no matter what, how do you change that, if not possible I will be returning them tomorrow with a full refund from grabone expected please respond ASAP
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 4 months ago. Hey Pato; we'll be in touch via email to help connect you with the merchant to get this sorted asap :)
pato congero commented 3 months ago. Hi there, I returned one of the units, and the vendor told me to ask for a money return through you, how can we get it organised?

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