Get Over 80% off NZ’s Most Flexible Prepay Plan incl. SIM


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xiang li commented 6 months ago. Is this sim card only able to use myflex plan? can I change use as pay as go plan?
Emma from GrabOne Store commented 6 months ago. Hey Xiang! We're just checking this out now with the Vodafone Team :)
Sophie Lewis commented 6 months ago. Can you use this to purchase a more expensive Myflex plan? How long does the sim take to ship
Dan Bergloff-Howes commented 6 months ago. Does the sim have a expiration date, eg can I use the sim at a later date
Linda Qiu commented 6 months ago. I mean currently using~~ sorry ~~
Shi Leng Wong commented 6 months ago. You need to buy the SIM card, which costs $2. So $3 to buy this voucher for the $19 prepay plan, and another $2 to buy the SIM on the Vodafone website. The instructions are in the coupon (including the link to use). They could've made it clearer by saying that the cost of the SIM is separate to the $3, instead of saying that we'll "receive a SIM with $19 credit that can be applied against a new MyFlex $19 Prepay plan", which made it sound like the SIM comes with the package.
Linda Qiu commented 6 months ago. Is it possible to send the SIM with the same number that we are currently used?

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